About me

Hello all I am Nathan,Nathan

Up until the last two years I had a career as a glass former at a bottling company for 11 years.  Two years ago I was injured and do to this my ability to work with any kind of physical labor has been impaired.  So the last two years I have focused more on my love for computers.  Building computers has been a hobby of mine for over 22 years and it is time to figure out how to build that hobby into a career.  With that in mind I have been focused on finding new sources of revenue, such as online businesses. In the evenings and weekends I drive for Lyft.  As fun as being a Lyft driver is in my spare time it just doesn’t pay all the bills.

Online business opportunities seemed to be the way that I wanted to go but there are a lot of scams out their.   I have had the misfortune of being the victim of a few of them.  After contacting a couple of friends that have experienced similar sites, the recommendations to check out Wealthy Affiliate kept coming up.  My site covers all about the program so we won’t get into that on this page.  But needles to say this site is changing the way people think about an online business and making a living from home.

My Situation,

I am proud to have parents willing to have me move back in.  This was only something that would be temporary so failure in a new business venture was not an option.

Knowing that 11 years in a career would have been my path to retirement,  then to have that change late in life was not a situation any one wants to go through.  Being 41 with no online formal training and deciding to go that direction meant  classes and training which can be very expensive but that was not going to stop me.

To start off with I had no idea what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is or even where to start building a website.  Without having a product to sell or even an idea where to start, the idea of being able to work from home was going to take sometime.

While continuing to drive for Lyft, Wealthy Affiliate has taught me that it is possible to make an income online and the steps to take.  This site is but one of many I’m working including a site that will turn my hobby of computers into a real online business.

Thanks for taking to time to get to know me and my hopes are that in going through my site this will help others in similar situations. You can contact me at nathan@thebusinessonly.com for any questions you may have or suggestions to further better your experience here. Thank you for your time.