Free Online Business Tools

While surfing online looking for jobs there are a lot of ads on making money online from home, all you need is a computer and internet. Sounds great doesn’t it. Every time an ad claiming to get started for free it was just another free trial, you would have to enter a credit card number for a short trial period. First the trial period was not long enough, second there were only explanations of what you could do not how to or steps to take. To set everything up there are multiple different things you may have to pay for additionally (domain, website builder, site hosting, WordPress, Leadpages, Autoresponders, etc.). The monthly costs add up quickly. There are sites you can get a domain and a free website with a monthly hosting fee. With the Wealthy Affiliate program you get two free websites, hosting for the two free sites with in depth training on the starter program absolutely free, no credit card required.

With Wealthy Affiliate University the training is truly a step by step process including building the website, getting traffic, SEO (search engine optimization) and much more. It is great for a beginner that are starting out or for those whom already have websites that are in need of extra training. Please see my complete review here.