Starter Versus Premium

Starter (free) account is just that its free, no credit card required. with the free account you get two websites and hosting for free. There are a video walk-through on all free training steps witch include getting started, understanding how to make money online, the ins and outs on choosing a niche, building your own website, setting up that website, getting that site set up for SEO (search engine optimization) in this lesson they also explain what SEO means for you by being ranked in Google and many more. Wealthy Affiliate does have there own affiliate program but its not required to promote them. I have found the free program to be very informative and easy to use.

When you do sign up Wealthy Affiliate gives some of the Premium options for 7 days. During the program training the community (Premium Members) are a significant help in any questions that might come up, with the free account you can still email anyone. The free program is for beginners or others that need help in getting a website built, the right content to get that website indexed and ranked by google. Honestly I upgraded to premium for the rest of the training and for the community.

Premium account there is a very low monthly charge. With Premium you get 50 websites 25 on your own domain and 25 on sub-domains with hosting on all. With the domains you do have to purchase each one at a low cost, they come with privacy security. Domains anywhere you go will cost if YOU want to own that domain plus there is an added charge for privacy security. Privacy security is to guard your private information on places such as WhoIs. The community in Wealthy Affiliate is an unbelievable help. This is what Wealthy Affiliate promotes the most is the community. You can email, message anyone in the community plus live chats are a great help for the now! Live one hour video training every Friday. The added training for the Premium members will help refine your content to attract and keep your audience, and get ranked higher on Google so others can find your site better. The benefits of the Premium program are too much to list in this single post. 

The advantage of the free Starter program is to get started and make money to cover the premium so no out of pocket costs. With that in mind I personally saw the value of the Premium program and upgraded right away. I have not been disappointed at all. This is a genuine training program.

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